Reservation – Call 941-923-7799(evening) or e-mail

Capt. Rick is a fly fishing and artifical bait specialist, practicing CPR (catch, photo and release fishing). A 50% deposit is required to secure a reservation. Your check should be made payable to: Snook Fin-Addict Guide Service, Inc. and mailed to 2447 Waneta Drive, Sarasota, FL 34231.  2-weeks (14 days) or 1 month  (30 days) notice for tarpon trips is required to cancel and receive a full refund. If you have to cancel with less notice, I will make every effort to rebook the day. However, you will forfeit your deposit if I am unable to rebook the day.  In the event of inclement weather (rain or wind),  your trip will be rescheduled or your deposit refunded. The captain will make all cancellations at the time of the trip based on actual weather conditions. Many times weather forecasts are not accurate or can be off by as much as 12 hours in the case of an approaching front.

Book Early

To ensure availability of the best dates, please book well in advance. It is usually better to fish on weekdays as opposed to weekends if possible.


4-hr               Sarasota Bay/flats trip                                                                   $450

6-hr               Sarasota Bay/flats trip                                                                   $650

4-hr                Night snook trip                                                                            $550

6-hr                Pre dawn snook/flats trip                                                             $700

6-hr                Pre dawn snook/coastal gulf trip                                                 $750

6-hr                Tarpon trip                                                                                    $700

6-hr                 Coastal Gulf trip                                                                           $700

6-hr                 Charlotte Harbor/Tampa Bay backcountry trip                           $700



All rates above are for 1 or 2 anglers.  No more than 2 anglers on night snook, coastal gulf and tarpon trips. A 3rd angler is sometimes possible if it’s a family trip in Sarasota Bay with a child or young adult, but is not recommended due to style of fishing (casting lures and flies), space and draft of the boat.

$50 extra for a 3rd angler on a 4-hr trip
$75 extra for a 3rd angler on a 6-hr trip
$100 extra for a 3rd angler on an 8-hr trip
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